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As 25+ year Manhattan Veterans, we have years of experience successfully configuring and deploying Manhattan solutions. We have leveraged that experience to develop purpose-built Active Accelerators to provide speed and quality to your Manhattan Active deployments. Our Accelerators are built on our nutan automation platform and are easily configured to your specific needs.

Manhattan Active Solutions promise to be always current, seamless interconnected, and continuously adaptive.  While these solutions provide a substantial leap forward in sophistication, they represent a departure from typical platforms, often requiring retooling of organization’s technology support functions including testing and reporting/analytics.  NCS Partners has developed a set of accelerators designed to help organizations rapidly adopt and deploy Manhattan Active Solutions. 


Our Active Adapt solution provides a set of pre-built testing automation bots to speed your system and integration testing,  These same bots are used to ensure new Manhattan Active releases won’t disrupt your production environmentActive Aware provides commonly required extensions to Manhattan Active data and analytics.  Our data models, integrations, reports, and dashboards are configurable to your needs, streamlining the process to provide needed analytics to business users.  


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Avoid disruptions with automated testing. Accelerate and improve insights with advanced analytics. Increase operational efficiency with automated processes. nutan and NCS Partners deliver!




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Manhattan ACTIVE

Migration Accelerators

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Featuring nutan Automation specialized to specific instances that support Manhattan Active Migrations. Avoid Down time and rest assured that your updates will be successful… LEARN MORE… 

Automated, modular, continuous testing solutions for Manhattan Active® products. Powered by nutan™, these flexible testing bots can be configured to your specific needs.

MA software launch solution
pre-built testing automation bots to speed your system and integration testing,

Configurable data model and schemas coupled with analytic templates extends the data and analytics capabilities of your Manhattan Active® products.

Mahnattan pre-built RPA solution
pre-built automation data bots to integrate and enhance your system

Tools and services to support production deployment of your Manhattan Active® products.  Fueled by NCSP employees and their vast experience in supply chain management, software development and testing. 

Manhattan software launch automation
pre-built alert automation bots to protect your system
ensure new Manhattan releases won’t disrupt your production environment

Provide speed and quality to Manhattan Active production deployments with Active Adapt.  Active Adapt provides a suite of modular, configurable, automated testing bots developed on NCS Partner’s nuTAN automation platform.   Active Adapt is available on-premise (or in your private cloud), as a managed service, or as a Center of Excellence (COE). 

Manhattan automated testing
  • Modular test cases for Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management:

    • Multi-Step flows

    • Reusable, user-defined groupings

    • Simulate RF, web, & other Uis

    • Continuous, Regression, System Testing

  • Create & ingest test data

  • Concurrent test executions

  • Role-based user access

  • Full audit trail

  • Maintained to current release level of Manhattan Active®

  • Scheduled & on-demand test execution with full orchestration

Manhattan launch solutions
Avoid disruptions with automated testing

Improve your business decisions with our extensible, scalable, and intuitive extensions to Manhattan Active’s data and analytics.  Active Aware picks up where Manhattan Active stops, providing configurable data retention, built-in integration with other (non-Manhattan) systems, and high-quality, visual analytics designed to enhance insights and improve decisions. 

installing Manhattan upgrades with alert solutions
  • Pre-defined, configurable data model and schemas to extend your

  • MAWM capabilities

  • Configurable data retention

  • Highly scalable

  • APIs and pre-defined data integrations with MAWM

  • Pre-built report and dashboard templates

  • Configurable alerts

  • Automated analytic orchestration

manhattan testing and installation solutions
Alerts to protect your manhattan software install

Rely on the experts to help you with your Manhattan Active migrations.  Active Amplify is powered by NCS Partners dedicated and skilled team of Manhattan experts.  Our team can assist with any of your deployment needs including configurations, customizations, testing, analytics, and process automation.  NCS Partners have been helping customers succeed with Manhattan solutions for over 25 years. 

ways to ensure Manhattan launch success
  • Application Testing

    • Test strategy & design

    • Flexible deployment models

    • Geographically diverse testing teams

    • APIs and MAWM data connectors

    • MAWM Test bot configurations & customizations

  • Reporting & Analytics

    • MAWM Analytics gap assessment

    • MAWM Database extension strategies

    • Data architecture & design

    • Data ingestion and integration

    • Configure MAWM analytic templates

    • Analytics custom development

  • Process Automation

    • MAWM Process automation assessment

    • Bot design and development

    • Bot deployment and orchestration

  • Partner Integration 

manhattan data automation


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