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Let’s talk about my challenge…

Time-to-value is critical.
You don't have to wait months for solutions.
nutan delivers in days.
easy warehouse automation

nutan RPA avoids the feature bloat of other RPA platforms to drive scalable, repeatable results.  nutan is platform agnostic and can be deployed quickly to immediately begin delivering value.

easy to use rpa for supply chain

Choosing an RPA tool can be intimidating.

Do you really need all those features? 

Does having extra feature save you extra money? Or, do you need a straight-forward  scalable, platform-agnostic software that can be up and running with a customized set of bots in days.


That's the nutan value-advantage. With options for personal concierge guidance, or "DIY" installation, we promise it doesn't take an IT Guy to control this solution.

easy rpa


Try nutan for 60 days...
explore the benefits of scalable RPA with secure
automation and data options for your business.

custom rpa
nutan rpa for supply chain
Freight Audit & Payment
cheap shipping automation
Freight Audit & Payment

Organizations pay, on average, 8-10% more than they should due to undetected billing errors.  Eliminate manual data extraction and entry using nutan automated bots that capture relevant information from freight invoices, connect to your Freight Payment solution, enter and process the required data—plus nutan offers detailed audit trails of all bot actions. Read More...

easy to use and customize bots for business
cheap recruiting bot
DC Yard Scheduling
easy schedule bot
DC Yard Scheduling

60% of companies still use manual process to manage inbound /outbound trucks, shipments, personnel and assets moving around an operational (distribution center, manufacturing facility, or warehouse).  By using nutan automation for yard activities companies reduce overall expenses by at least 5% and many save much more…. Read More...

eliminate boring tasks
HR Recruit & Onboarding
recruiting easy and affordble
HR Recruit & Onboarding

The majority of companies spend between 30-120 days with tasks related to fill vacant roles within their organization. Using  nutan automation, HR departments can improve time-to-hire and also save steps with onboarding, paperwork, processing pay role and more… Read More...

affordable bots for business
Loan Application
loan automation made easy
Loan Application

Most financial institutions support online loan applications, but also support paper-based applications which rely on manual intervention in the approval process.  Automation via nutan can reduce the loan application processing time by more than 300%, while significantly increasing accuracy and improving customer satisfaction.... Read More...

free trial for automation
Application Testing
easy application-testing
Application Testing

Improved testing time and detection rates; broader test coverage; reduced costs; and faster time-to-value are just a few of the benefits realized through test automation.  Unfortunately most companies do not utilize testing automation or cut this cost in an effort to trim expenses during a launch. nutan started as a test automation tool to help our clients save money and that’s exactly what it does…. Read More...

bot customization
Custom Bots

Every business is different.  Even companies using the same software follow different processes or have different interfaces with varying timelines.   nutan provides an easy-to-use system agnostic interface so organizations can quickly build and deploy their own custom bots for their specific use cases in weeks—not months…. Read More...

cost-saving business tricks
Don't see what you need? - don't worry...
custom bots are how we developed our RPA solution
do i need automation
Not getting the value from RPA?

Many of our existing RPA Customers already had an RPA tool before selecting nutan.  Our simple, nimble, and affordable approach to RPA added value and made sense for these customers, might it for you as well?

Freight Invoice
Application Patching
HR Recruit
Custom Bots
We designed nutan to support 
Supply Chain challenges...

As consultants and experts across supply chain platforms, nutan is just one of our customer solutions that ultimately evolved into a transformative product. 

We are pleased to be able to deliver nutan's value for your supply chain, as a “staffing” resource or an office time-saving tool. 

Whether you are choosing an RPA tool or not sure if RPA is a good match for your business...we can help. 

easy data entry bot
easy automation
free automation bots
Cross-Platform RPA that’s EASY—
nutan RPA solutions.
automation for dummies
warehouse automation for dummies
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