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Supply Chain Optimization
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Managed Services
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Supply Chain Strategy & Planning

Our SC strategies are built to adapt and guide your network design, transportation, and inventory policies. Let’s work on fixes by refining your supply chain strategy.

Operational Risk Mitigation

Our SC Experts will work with your team to identify and prioritize current risks to your supply chain operations.  And to ensure availability of your critical supply chain functions, we guide your team in the development of mitigation controls, processes, and critical systems.

Supply Chain Network Design

An effective Supply Chain Network Design balances efficiency, risk, cost, and service levels.   Our experts provide optimal solutions by delivering insights on technologies and industry trends to inform network models.

Inventory Management Policy & Governance

Inventory shortages, surpluses, obsoletion, and inadequate service levels are often symptoms of poor inventory policy.  We help you establish inventory policies that provide improved returns by balancing inventory levels, responsiveness, service levels, storage costs and freight.

Supply & Demand Planning

An accurate demand forecast enables organizations to collaborate with suppliers and carriers to ensure appropriate inventory is available to meet customer requirements.  We can help you choose and deploy the right forecasting software solution, or assist in the development of a customized forecasting model that rapidly responds to changing market conditions.  

Data Integrity & System Controls

Supply chains are dependent on timely, high-quality data to operate effectively.  Our SC data experts offer a full complement of services to identity data quality issues, determine appropriate actions, deploy solutions to remediate issues, and develop appropriate controls to provide on-going monitoring of data quality.

Supply Chain Netwok Design
Operational Risk Mitigation
Inventory Mgmt
Supply Demand
Data Integrity
sc strategy
software testing and deployment challenges and solutions

Implementation & Deployment

Cloud applications require agile, responsive system integrators.  From Manhattan and Koerber to Mantis or other platforms, our skills help overcome obstacles and get you up and running fast.

Solution Selection & RFP

The right software is critical for supply chain success.  We are technology and solution agnostic.  From budgeting, sourcing, RFI, RFP, and negotiations, we have the skills to find the right solution to your specific needs. 

Solution Architecture & Design

The best solutions begin with the right foundation.  Developing infrastructure, pattern, and integration architectures provides the guardrails for solution deployment.  We provide advice and guidance to build the right foundation that ensures successful solution deployment.

Solution Configuration

SaaS solutions dominate today’s software landscape.  While there are numerous advantages of SaaS solutions, they often require extensive knowledge to configure to meet specific needs.  Our expertise across leading supply chain management solutions helps you tailor a solution specific to your needs.

Solution Extensions

In some cases, the required functionality isn’t available in a packaged solution.  Our experts have the skills to design, development, and implement extensions to your packaged solutions to deliver the needed functionality and not impact future upgrade abilities.

Deployment and Rollout

Deploying a solution is often a logistical challenge.  Backup and restore, training, on-boarding, access control, communication plans, cut-over and fallback, support coverage, and performance monitoring are just some of the items that need to be planned to ensure a smooth rollout.  Expertise across hundreds of deployment efforts ensures our promise to be your trusted advisor from plan through execution of each software deployment.

Software Implementatio
affordable testing for software launches


Businesses need reliable applications.  Backed by decades of experience, we provide comprehensive application testing and automation to discover defects before they cause outages

Testing Strategy & Design

For each solution, there are a myriad of application tests performed based on the needs and risk profile of the solution.  Smoke, unit, integration, functional, string (end-to-end), acceptance, performance, and volume tests can all potentially be part of an encompassing test strategy.  Testing team works with you to build a testing strategy to meet solution, department, and organizational needs. 

Test Case Development

For each test type performed a detailed test case must be documented that includes the test data, preconditions, expected results, and post conditions.  The test case is essential for verifying compliance against a specified requirement.  With decades of experience in application testing, we have the resources and skills to quickly develop comprehensive test cases to ensure solution requirements are fulfilled.

Test Automation

Test automation is essential for improving productivity, increasing speed, and broadening coverage of any testing effort.  Experienced with many of the leading test automation platforms, our testing team developed an easier option with our nuTAN RPA and Test Automation solution.  Whether nuTAN or another platform, we have can help you apply automation to increase the value and efficiency of your application testing processes. 

Test Execution & Reporting

Test execution is where the plan, test cases, test data, and scenario plans come together.  A key component of test execution is the creation of reporting to provide a detailed understanding of the status of test cases.  This status information can be aggregated to a variety of levels (requirement, component, build/version, test cycle, case type, etc.) to pinpoint trends and patterns.  Our experts efficiently execute test plans and provide comprehensive reporting fueling insights to inform deployment decisions.   

Application Testing
simple affordable rpa data and analytics software

Data & Analytics 

Data is the new gold.  Skillful use of our RPA solutions can transform your data into valuable insights to improve overall business outcomes

Data Architecture & Modeling

A highly functional data and analytics ecosystem is built on a solid data architecture supported by an accurate, reliable set of data models.  Our data experts advise you on architectural decisions (infrastructure, security, tools, etc.) to form the foundation for an efficient and full functional data environment.  Then, data analysts work with subject matter experts to define data models that accurately represent your organizational data needs.

Data Engineering

With the explosion of data fueled by digital transformations, it is essential to have strong data engineering skills to collect, store, and condition data for analysis.   We have expertise in many of the leading data engineering tools including Python, R, SQL, Spark, Kafka, Hive, and numerous ETL platforms. 

Business Intelligence

Business operations require timely, accurate data presented in a manner that facilitates decision-making.  BI tools are designed to facilitate the process of analysis, management, and presentation of data to help organizations make better data-driven decisions.  Our team delivers via leading business intelligence tools including Tableau, Power-BI, MicroStrategy, and Qlik. 

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics go beyond traditional BI tools to develop deeper data insights, predict future outcomes, and generate recommended actions.  Advanced Analytic concepts often include machine learning, forecasting, multivariate statistical models, visualization, and pattern matching.   Our team has expertise in the creation of advanced analytic models using tools such as R, Python, Spark, and Excel. 

Data Analytics
deployment protection

Supply Chain Optimization 

Supply chain solutions should evolve with your business.  We assess and fine-tune all aspects of your supply chain with seasoned expertise to ensure it operates at peak efficiency

Operational Assessment & Benchmarking

The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Model identifies the 6 processes (Plan, Order, Source, Transform, Fulfill, Return) a supply chain executes to fulfill orders.  Our experts leverage your SCOR model and industry benchmarks to define, prioritize, and guide supply chain process improvements. 

Process Improvement

Supply Chain process improvement is built on an operational assessment that identifies opportunities for improvement.  Process improvement begins with documenting each opportunity using the PAR method (problem, action, results to be achieved).  Our team is experienced in developing and executing process improvement plans that provide demonstrable and measurable results. 

RPA Automation

SC process improvements require the automation of repetitive, time-consuming tasks.  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is ideal for automating these repetitive tasks, providing increased speed and accuracy, while freeing up labor to focus on value-added activities.  Our nuTAN RPA and Test Automation platform is system agnostic and provides rapid automation value at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.  Whether it is nuTAN or another RPA platform, our experts know how to apply RPA to provide tangible benefits for your organization.

Metrics & Measurement

Supply chain decision makers need access to a variety of metrics and measurements to ensure understanding of needed changes are needed and if those changes are working as expected.   It is essential that organizations collect and analyze the right metrics to understand the overall health of their supply chain.  We have decades of experience working with supply chain leaders in the definition, collection, and analysis of supply chain metrics and measures. 

Suppy Chain Optimization
affordable supply chain team support

Managed Services

Our customized, end-to-end business application services deliver results and scale with your organization

Service & Support Definition

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing professional responsibility for maintaining a solution and/or infrastructure to a third party.  We work to define the types and level of services and support needed to fit your business and administer in your data center, or on your public (SaaS) or private cloud.

Service Level Agreements

A well-defined service level agreement (SLA) is the most critical part of managed services. The SLA details services to be provided, responsibilities, availability, and the expected levels of performance to be provided.   With decades of experience in providing managed services, our team works with you to define SLAs that ensure your solutions are available when you need them.

Service Design & Deployment

Once SLAs are understood, it is imperative for the service provider to define/refine the detailed processes to deliver to the required service level.  We work with your staff to ensure proper alignment of responsibilities, communication, and escalation to seamless deploy and manage our services portfolio. 

Service Reporting

Key performance reporting is essential to managed service delivery.   We routinely work with sponsoring leadership to ensure clear and transparent reporting is provided. From billing and risk assessments, to performance levels (availability) and satisfaction reports, we help you understand the value of reliability in the services provided.

Manged Services
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