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RPA and Testing Solutions

nuTAN offers a way for you to create a digital assistant for your business to eliminate mundane tasks, automate testing and run your supply chain reporting without human errors.

Welcome to our nuTAN solutions blog. We plan to use this area as a way to connect and share success stories that are current and interesting. Think of it as a way to understand the product and learn in an ongoing conversation learn updates about business, trends, news, and more.

Automation drives our future, yet human power is still critical to any company’s strategic business success. By shifting mundane tasks and automating them with nuTANTM RPA, your humans are empowered to perform as stellar employees – not robots – to deliver more engaged productivity that drives your business.

stay tuned for more about nuTAN coming soon.


nuTAN software requires no heavy investment or changes to your existing IT infrastructure and delivers immediate ROI value by increasing efficiency and reducing human errors in repetitive (but necessary) everyday business requirements like data processing, back office tasks and various testing requirements.

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