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Make Your Best Supply Chain.

We like this article from Wolfgang Lehmacher, SCB Contributor and Sanjay Sharma, SCB Contributor at Supply Chain Brain.

It discusses how keeping our supply chains safe is just as important as keeping them lean and offers three opportunities you can leverage today.

As the coronavirus pandemic sparks massive changes in the way we work, it also threatens to wipe out years of hard work put into supply-chain planning. Processes that were running smoothly and effectively just months ago now require re-engineering.

Here's a snippet of what can be expected going forward for the world of supply chains...

  • 30% of American workers or 41.6 million people can work remotely if aided with the right tools and technology.

  • Demand will be highly volatile. According to a study of IHL Group, retailers may miss out on nearly $1 trillion in sales due to lack of shelf stock. 

  • The supply-chain partner landscape is shifting. Quick supplier assessments and 24/7 supplier monitoring are the new supply-chain management standard.

  • Consumption patterns are trending toward omni-channel solutions. Online services, particularly e-commerce, are the winners of the current crisis. The partner ecosystem needs to be re-organized creating demand for new shipping lanes and new service level agreements (SLAs)....

The hard lesson: Keeping our supply chains safe is just as important as keeping them lean.

NCPS Suggestion: Consider adding RPA solutions to ease your transitions and gaps. Our product, nuTAN, is an easy-to-use and cost-effective automation tool that closes the gaps in your systems testing and offers digital assistants to assist remote workers and office efficiencies.


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