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Partner Solutions - VF Corporation

NCS PARTNERS delivers scalable Order Management Platform

The Challenge for VF. Growing brand specific retail stores and e-commerce websites to move more products around the world quickly and efficiently to satisfy demand...

To excel at omnichannel distribution the solution needs to be sustainable and scalable.

“VF chose NCS Partners, as their integration partner in deploying Manhattan Associates Distributed Order Management (DOM) Platform. NCSP was involved in all phases of the project alongside with VF and Manhattan Associates in the successful launch of DOM platform and enablement of new features.”

Today’s consumers expect to navigate effortlessly between the physical and digital worlds. In the retail world, this puts enormous pressure on companies to respond efficiently, in the areas of order fulfillment and distribution. To align with changing consumer patterns VF embarked on Omni-channel commerce to deliver the right products at the right time to consumers on literally every continent..


  • Provide Order Hub for all Sales and Customer Orders

  • Provide Inventory Hub for Segmented Inventory for all Channels

  • Increase Speed of Fulfillment for all Channels

  • Virtual Allocation Strategy

  • Rules Based Inventory Segmentation across Channels Including Customer Returns

  • Provide Real-Time Inventory Tracking

  • Reduce Integration Complexity

  • Simplify Mining and Data Transformations through Various Systems

  • Seamless Integration of New Acquisitions

  • Geo-Allocation at Plant Level


Enabling Omni Channel capabilities continues with next milestones slated for Buy online fulfill in store”

After successful integration strategies, VF’s DOM platform was versatile enough to integrate with VF’s own distribution centers and 3PL distribution centers. VF’s foray of Smartwool brand in the Canadian market in a very short span wouldn’t have been possible without DOM platform.

Continuing with the successful launch of newly acquired Timberland and Smartwool brands in new geographies and integration with DC WM systems, VF initiated new project to integrate remaining North American Outdoor Action Sports distribution centers into DOM platform.

Learn more by asking an NCS Partner....

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