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ROI with RPA

nuTAN solutions for Finance / Accounting / Back-Office.

nuTAN digital assistants help your office to manage data and payment process flow between vendors and platforms to reduce costs, improve efficiency, ensure accuracy and deliver at a significant cost reduction including: Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Record-to-Report, Vendor Management, Incentive Claims, Order Management, and more.

Design with Ease

nuTAN lets you create and deploy “personal robots,” called nuBOTs™, that help you be more productive, execute technical business functions and manage complex processes.”

nuTAN RPA reduces costs, reduces back-end expenses and increases overall process efficiencies to engage and empower employees to focus on more strategic,

meaningful and productive work.

nuTAN RPA works by delivering End-2-End Process Flow across a powerful hybrid automation platform. The agnostic system can run autonomously to manage all functions of your “robotic army” including manual or scheduled triggers, launches, custom data execution, stops, schedule processes, monitor, orders, reporting and more….

More coming soon on nuTAN

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