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Our experts have the skills and knowledge to support your entire supply chain

We understand your challenges… because for 25+ years we have navigated supply chain issues, trouble shooting and guiding other clients through similar scenarios…

ncspartners supply chain
Supply Chain Strategic Planning
RPA  software
RPA & Software Testing
supply chain innovation


Our flexible service models can be tailored to meet your specific needs
Supply Chain Planning and Strategy
Supply Chain Strategy & Planning

Our SC strategies are built to adapt and guide your network design, transportation, and inventory policies.   Let’s work on fixes by refining your supply chain strategy.

software implementation and deployment
Software Implementation & Deployment

 Cloud applications require agile, responsive system integrators.  From Manhattan and Koerber to Mantis or other platforms, our skills help overcome obstacles and get you up and running fast.

application testing
RPA & Testing Automation

Businesses need reliable and affordable applications. Backed by decades of experience, we provide comprehensive application testing and automation to discover defects before they cause outages.

Data and Analytics solutions
Data & Analytics

Data is the new gold.

Skillful use of our RPA solutions can transform your data into valuable insights to improve overall business outcomes.

Supply Chain Optimization
Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain solutions should evolve with your business.  We assess and fine-tune all aspects of your supply chain with seasoned expertise to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. 

SC Managed Service

Lacking in-house skills or SC support is not a core competency?  Our customized, end-to-end business application services deliver results and scale with your organization.


Simple, Nimble, and Affordable. Our nutan platform delivers lightning fast, scalable performance to handle all of your automation needs.

Warehouse Management Optimization
RPA testing Optimization
nutan delivers scalable automation in an easy-to-use interface.  
Choose from pre-built automation solutions or build your own!
Freight Audit & Payment
Freight Audit and Payment Automation
HR Recruit & Onboarding
HR Onboarding and recruiting Automation
DC Yard Scheduling
DC yard scheduling Automation
Loan Application
Loan application Automation
Application Testing
Application Testing Automation
Affordable Custom RPA bots

Learn more how RPA solutions can change your business. One bot saved our client $192,000 in a single year.  Download the white paper here.

USE nutan RPA Accelerators to help

you gain more value from your MAWM investment and improve the quality and speed to value of your MAWM solution….

Custom Manhattan Test Solutions
Simple affordable Automation
Easy Automation Bots

nutan Custom Solutions &

Manhattan Active Migration Accelerators

As 25+ year supply Chain veterans and Gold Level Manhattan Experts, we have designed a customized nutan Automation Testing Suite specialized to specific instances that support Manhattan Active Migrations and accelerate your time-to-value results.  Avoid down-time and rest assured that your updates will be successful… LEARN MORE… 

Manhattan Aware Automation Accelerator
nutan Aware Accelerator for Manhattan

Configurable data model and schemas coupled with analytic templates extends the data and analytics capabilities of your Manhattan Active® products. LEARN MORE…

Manhattan Upgrade Accelerator
nutan Adapt Accelerator for Manhattan

Automated, modular, continuous testing solutions for Manhattan Active® products. Powered by nuTAN™, these flexible testing bots can be configured to your specific needs. LEARN MORE…

Manhattan Automation Testing
nutan Amplify Accelerator for Manhattan

Tools and services to support production deployment of your Manhattan Active® products.  Fueled by NCSP employees and their vast experience in supply chain management, software development and testing.  LEARN MORE…


As your Supply Chain Partner – our professional, nimble, and customer-focused experts will defend and support your bottom line and business goals.  From strategic insights, to addressing the headaches and challenges of go-lives and migrations, we deliver cross-platform supply chain services that optimizes and grows business without backups, stops or shut-downs.

Supply Chain Partner
Customers lost due to performance
customer retention
On time & on budget delivery
Customers started with WMS project

We excel to be your Business PARTNER – not another vendor… let us help…

"NCSP involvement was critical to Crocs ability to pilot phases in production and pull the scheduled go-live dates forward.
That reduced impact of the overall phase implementation and made for a smoother overall project transformation"

(Former VP of Project Management, Crocs)


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